Food Service Partners Providing Quality Products

At a Glance

Neesvig’s Food Service in partnership with Empire Fish Company provides responsibly sourced premium meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy products to top tier restaurants, country clubs, and hotels across the Midwest. Traditional craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and a culmination of over 200 years of experience allows us to provide top quality service and custom manufactured center-of-the-plate solutions to every customer.

What We Offer

Our diverse selection of premium products exceeds those of traditional wholesalers. Whether its grass fed beef, organic poultry, winter troll king salmon, or award-winning cheeses, you’ll know that we’ll go to the farthest reaches to deliver. Our team of product specialists work to fulfill custom orders, and provide a depth of knowledge for unique center-of-the-plate solutions.

Responsible Sourcing

Neesvig’s Food Service in partnership with Empire Fish Company voluntarily commit to taking into account social and environmental considerations when selecting our relationships with suppliers. We believe in securing long-term sustainable products from various vendors who will provide high quality nutritious food for today and for future generations to come.

Our Experience

With over 200 years of combined history, Neesvig’s Food Service and Empire Fish Company have grown side by side demonstrating the quality and trust that every customer should come to expect.