Family Owned and Operated Since 1913

Jim Meyer – Chief Executive Officer

Jim has been the owner and CEO of Neesvig’s since 1988. After working at Oscar Mayer for 15 years as Finance Manager, Jim left the company and purchased Neesvig’s. Although he has delegated many of his CEO duties to the leadership team, Jim’s responsibilities include overseeing the direction of the company, acting as a figurehead, working with banks, and dealing with other professionals and services. The company broke new ground under his leadership by partnering with national chains, allowing Neesvig’s to grow exponentially. Keeping the legacy of the company is important to Jim and he emphasizes the importance of being fair and always treating people properly.

Dan Ryan – Chief Operating Officer

As our Chief Operating Officer, Dan oversees all sales, production, procurement and distribution activities for our Food Service business at Neesvig’s and Empire Fish.  As a part of this responsibility, he is involved in all elements of our day to day operations, but also takes a very active role in long term strategic planning and new business development.  Additionally, Dan oversees our retail activities at Empire Fish, the sales and production elements of our e-commerce business, production for some of our Fulfillment customers and other projects throughout the entire organization. He believes firmly that the unique combination of our people, our products and our philosophy allows us to be a true partner with customers of all types.  Dan has been in his current position since 2012 and has been with Empire Fish and Neesvig’s since 2005.

Jeffrey D. Bauer – Vice President, Controller

Jeffrey joined Neesvig’s in June 1980. His current responsibilities are overseeing all aspects of the accounting area. This includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, cash reconciliation, cost accounting, yield tests as well as various weekly, monthly, and annual reporting for all of our companies.

Valerie Walter – Operations Manager – Fulfillment

Valerie has been working with Neesvig’s Food Service since 2009. Her initial position was in customer service but since has risen to the position of Operations Manager where she manages an average staff of 30 people year round with a seasonal increase of 65 or more. Valerie manages everything for the setup and additional processing of new customers. Valerie also oversees the processing and completion of all Fulfillment orders.She also oversees product ordering and the new implementation of the order processing program.