Responsible Sourcing

Providing Customers a Consistent Sustainable Supply Year Round

In today’s ever changing world, every decision made by companies can impact our global and local environment for today and for future generations to come. There are many extremes on how significantly a company can affect this change. But a small change, the right small change, can have big results.

responsible-1Neesvig’s and Empire Fish Company’s primary responsibility as wholesalers is to provide the highest quality products on a consistent basis to our customers. Additionally, Neesvig’s and Empire Fish have a desire to support those who share our ideal that food tastes better when it’s raised, harvested or made with the welfare of the animals, fishery or craftsmanship as the primary concern. Our challenge is to find partners who fulfill our need to offer the highest quality products, while maintaining consistent supply, without compromising our shared ideals.

responsible-4It’s through this challenge that our responsible sourcing philosophies are born. Through years of hard work and unwillingness to compromise, the Neesvig’s and Empire Fish supply chain is made up of partners who understand that supplying proteins in an economically viable way is predicated on being able to consistently meet demand. In addition, our partners also understand that demand is driven by the ever increasing number of consumers requesting socially and environmentally sustainable products, and they expertly balance the two. As evidence of our confidence in our supplier network, we proudly maintain a transparent supply chain for all of our products.

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