Discovering Niman Ranch

Discovering Niman Ranch


From its humble start as an 11 acre San Francisco Bay Area farm in the 1970’s to its extensive network of over 700 sustainable U.S. family owned farms and ranches, Niman Ranch has continued to deliver the finest tasting meat in the world.

Niman Ranch believes that family farmers and ranchers are the keepers of traditional farming knowledge and are determined to keep this knowledge alive despite the rise of the commodity market.

Niman Ranch’s products are never administered added hormones or antibiotics and their livestock are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Niman Ranch is proud of its work with renowned animal handling expert Dr. Temple Grandin, to further improve its animal handling protocols; making Niman Ranch’s humane animal practices the most stringent in the industry. All of their livestock are raised outdoors on pasture and/or deeply bedded pens allowing them to act on their instinctive behaviors. Because of this, Niman Ranch is considered the industry gold standard for humane animal care. Along with humane care of the animals, Niman Ranch sets the standard for sustainability. nimanranch-54Its farmers and ranchers practice crop rotation and use alternative energy sources, preserving the integrity of the land for their families and their communities for future generations. By implementing these practices, Niman Ranch farmers and ranchers are able to prevent soil depletion, maintain soil fertility, and reduce soil erosion. One of the many benefits of promoting traditional farming and ranching methods is the preservation of water supplies. Niman Ranch wants to sustain the land for the future farming and ranching endeavors.

Neesvig’s is proud and excited to have a partnership with Niman Ranch and shares its mission of providing the highest standard of quality. When you see the Niman Ranch brand, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are consuming products that were made with an understanding of the animals and a responsibility to our planet and the prosperity of future generations.  In addition, these products are of exceptionally high quality.

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