Custom Meat Portion Cutting

Cuts Made to Exact Specifications Without Any Waste

Production Room 5

Employing tenured meat cutters turning primals into perfect portions has been central to Neesvig’s’ business model since our founding in 1913. Starting with Beef, our operation has expanded to include portion cut Pork, Lamb, and Veal over the past 100 years. Our packaging department of 4 vacuum pack machines ensures that we can accommodate just about any cryo vac or layer pack specification as well.  Additionally, Neesvig’s portion cutting and packaging offers customers:

  • Increased control of food costs by providing consistently sized portions with no waste
  • Increased inventory control
  • Neesvig’s carries the burden of balancing byproducts
  • Increased food safety, temp just the portions you need, just as you need them
  • Decreased labor costs associated with less prep time in the kitchen